I am drunk

Really interesting sensation…

Last time I felt drunk was so long ago, I do not remember.
I guess it removes all inhibitions, you are free… to annoy whoever you want, to do whatever you want.
May be it is not good? Very interesting feeling. I wonder why so many people drink? What do they feel? Freedom from their dull routine life? To forget? Does it give a pleasure?
If now I was somewhere where there are people around I am not sure how would I behave… Interesting. I guess it will depend on situation. But it is really strange sensation. You are more bold, more open, more relaxed, do not care about anything… Is it bad? It should be. Usually the people who are drunk will tell you everything, what they really think. I guess the control of your behaviour goes to sleet when you are drunk.And we see the real person with all ugly desires, thoughts, feelings. Or not ugly, but beautiful, depending…
Why people drink? Do you know? I am too drunk to think straight.. But I wish to be somewhere in the night club, so my pent up energy could be spent wisely 😉


When you feel down, do not give up!


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It is never over.

You should believe in yourself. Life is too precious to waste.
And remember. If you feel that you could not do it any more, do not take the last step. Because it is reversible. Everything will be over. The whole world that is you, and it is the whole world and you are in the centre will be destroyed. Do not do it!

Just think of all things you wanted to do. Remember! May be some time ago, may be just in passing. If it comes to that point, just give up your old life and start something completely new.

Live in the street, join the band, travel. Shave your head! Do something that you wanted but could not allow yourself to do, because others will disapprove or it is unconventional.
It is your life! It is your universe! It is you!

Ok, such radical actions only as the last resort, as opposite to stupid people who jump under the trains and make misery for hundreds of other travellers and train drivers. Very inconsiderate. Show off, but nobody appreciate it. Stupid really. Nobody cares, only annoyed.

So what is the point? To prove something to somebody?
You only have to live your life! For yourself! Not to impress anyone.
It is your life. Do something! Different!
Change direction, regroup! Be happy!

Spring is coming! I want love!


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I want to love! I want to be in love!

I want to count minutes until I may see the person I am interested in.You know the feeling?

Why most people are so unhappy when they are in love? All talk about broken hearts, misery, depression. Stupid! To feel something is always good, much better then to feel nothing. When you are dead inside, then you should start to worry. But suffer because you love or in love? That is the best feeling in the world. Waiting for the moment you ‘hope’ to see someone, hoping something will happen that will allow your path to cross that other’s path. For a look from afar, for a sound of your imaginary beloved voice, hearing a smile, seeing a warmth in his or hers eyes. When somebody fill your whole existence with meaning, with longing, with happiness, when your wish comes true and you see or meet or think about the object of your feelings. It is so so cool!

Probably because most people do not like to love from afar, they want actions, like cuddling or hard core sex or attention and presents. But in two people relationship you will always be disappointed, from time to time or at the end, unless you will accept the person for what that person is, with all faults and good qualities.

Probably to love from a distance is similar to masturbation. You know the best way to make yourself happy and the result is fully satisfying, no mess, no stress 😉

It is all in your head 😉

And the spring is coming! It is time for March cats! They are good representatives of spring relationship – searching for love 😉

Spring is the time when every creature, small or big starts to feel restless, to want something… Ok we know what all creatures want, to make sure that there will be others after you, to make copies of themselves, The Reproduction. With humans it is slightly different, but the spring, that special air quality, that smell in the wind, of wet earth, first green leaves still touch something inside us. When everything awakens from the winter’s slumber. When you want to breath fully, you want to live, to be alive, to be in love? You notices so much more around you. And it is so cool 😉

I want love! Or be in love.. Or is it lust? Hmmm, the idea was to write about those three, but Spring it is 😉

Meaning of life in general


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Life sucks. It is something that is forced upon you.

You have to accept it, to put your good face and wait for it to end.

You could try to make it more or less interesting, meaningful, so the long way to the end would not be so slow and painful.

But all of us await the same end. We are just moving to that line after which we do not care about meaning of life any more, how to live it, what to do with yourself.

Everything we do could not change the fact that the end is coming. All our dreams about changing the world are destined to fail. Why? Because it does not matter.

We all are small and tiny grains of sand in the big universe.

If you would not do it, somebody else will do it instead. Nobody matters. Your actions could matter in some small limited space, but not on a big scale.

So what is the point of life?

I guess to try and enjoy your life. Do something that will make you to feel better about yourself. And wait for the end. It is coming! 😉